Dr. Andrea Lugo

Dr. Andrea Lugo earned her DDS from El Bosque University, Colombia. After working for more than 5 years as an Associate Dentist in Bogota, she completed her Certificate training in Esthetic Dentistry. Dr. Lugo joined the Advance Standing Program at Boston University in 2014, graduating two years later.

Dr. Lugo has an extensive background in community service in both the US and Colombia, working in some of the most important community outreach programs in her hometown Chaparral (nearby towns), as well as partnering with members of the Massachusetts Hispanic Dental Association to help low income population in the New England Area to improve their oral health. She is being actively participating in all MHDA programs, and currently serves as an acting board trustee.

In 2017, Dr. Lugo joined the Boston University Dental Health Center where she specializes in General Dentistry.


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